I like this site and this community, and I have some time to spare.

What are the things that I can do to help improve the site?


There is a bunch of things that can always be done:

  • Answer unanswered questions.
  • If your rep allows it, you can help review posts.
  • Participate in the on going development of the site by contributing questions, answers & votes to meta.

If that's not enough, here is a list of things that can be done as part of housekeeping:

  • Fix the posts that have a high potential of link rot.
  • With the same philosophy, we should review the usage of links such as bit.ly. While these are nice for short URLs, the target of these links can be changed, redirecting users to inappropriate sites after some time.
  • Clean up the software-engineering tag.
  • Improve posts by using \$\LaTeX\$/MathJax.
  • The gpwiki.org site is dead, we need to clean the link rot by linking to the Internet Wayback Machine has much as possible instead.
  • Identify collections of questions that should be closed as duplicates, or for which a "canonical question" can be authored and used as a duplicate target (see here for a recent example of this process in action).

This list should be updated when new stuff comes up :)


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