Per the recent discussions at What's the point of the tag [programming]? the consensus on the tag is that we'll keep it, but heavily re-scope it to try and focus more on theoretical and process-oriented topics.

To that end, I'd like to create some tag synonyms, but I don't believe that "programming" is appropriate as the target of those synonyms, because I don't think it helps convey the new, narrower scope.

What should we call the target of "programming?"


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We should call it software-engineering; fundamentally the scope of the tag is similar to that of the Software Engineering SE: methods and practices of building software (games, specifically), including the theoretical.

  • \$\begingroup\$ There is already a software-engineering tag. In the case this answer is the most popular, I guess you'd only create a tag synonym. \$\endgroup\$
    – Vaillancourt Mod
    Commented May 22, 2017 at 20:16
  • \$\begingroup\$ Yes, that's what I'd do. The meaningful distinction between the software engineering tag and the new scope of the programming tag is almost nil, imo. \$\endgroup\$
    – user1430
    Commented May 22, 2017 at 20:18
  • \$\begingroup\$ But if we read the description of the software-engineering tag, it seems quite different from what programming currently covers... \$\endgroup\$
    – Vaillancourt Mod
    Commented May 22, 2017 at 20:21
  • \$\begingroup\$ Currently covers, yes, but it seems pretty inline with what I think the new scope of the programming tag should cover. \$\endgroup\$
    – user1430
    Commented May 22, 2017 at 20:50
  • \$\begingroup\$ If we go with this, we should consider keeping programming as an alias. In my experience with students and recent grads, I don't think anyone has asked me about becoming a "software-engineer" as opposed to a "programmer". So I expect, while they may mean software-engineering, they're more likely to use the programming tag and not find software-engineering with out that alias. \$\endgroup\$
    – CLo
    Commented May 25, 2017 at 17:05
  • 1
    \$\begingroup\$ @Chris Right, that's what this is proposing. When a user types the "programming" tag on a question, it will get replaced with whatever alias we end up selecting as a result of this meta question. \$\endgroup\$
    – user1430
    Commented May 25, 2017 at 17:27
  • 1
    \$\begingroup\$ I have now done this. \$\endgroup\$
    – user1430
    Commented Jun 23, 2017 at 14:42

We should call it programming-theory, as originally suggested. It is succinct, and not terribly dissimilar from the current programming tag, so users will be less surprised by the tag system replacing it for them when they type programming.

  • 7
    \$\begingroup\$ I don't like this for two reasons: "programming theory" isn't really a thing, and it implies computer science rather than software engineering. \$\endgroup\$ Commented May 25, 2017 at 1:44

This mega post contains all the questions that have the tag . Since the merge of the tag , some of these don't really need the tag software-engineering as the scope is different, so all of these questions tags should be revised.

The idea is that whenever you have time to review a couple of them, review them (either retag the questions or leave them as is, as needed), and then remove the questions from this list.

Once all the questions have been reviewed, we'll be able to delete this post.

  1. Is storing all game objects in a single list an acceptable design?
  2. Throwing Exceptions in C++ game DLL's? Pros and Cons
  3. Are there cases where globals/singletons are useful in game development?
  4. Finding other programmers to help on a project
  5. Asset Library Class or passing Asset's through constructors
  6. Implementing behavior in a simple adventure game
  7. What is wrong with my Item collection/Itemcounter Script
  8. Are AAA games still made with programming languages?
  9. What basic non-games related computer knowledge should a games programmer possess?
  10. Keybindings in Unity
  11. Software engineering theory for hobbyist developers
  12. What's the best phone for game development?
  13. Converting DirectX 9 code to DirectX 10
  14. How do I update individual sprites within a spritegroup in pygame?
  15. Finite state machine in C++
  16. How are the same items generated with slightly different attributes?
  17. Why do most games save the players team as a short int in the player class and not as a pointer to a team object?
  18. opengl memory issue - quite strange
  19. Event-driven Communication in a Game Engine: Yes or No?
  20. Is Test Driven Development viable in game development?
  21. Technical differences between square and hexagon for a grid?
  22. Does C# have a future in games development?
  23. What are the Starting Games I need to make?[Best steps for a beginner Game Developer?]
  24. How do I implement a racing clock that shows elapsed time?
  25. How to set HUD elements position and size depending of resolution
  26. How to rotate a surface in pygame, without changing its shape
  27. Quantity of dropped/spawned items in container
  28. How to handle a player's level and its consequent privileges?
  29. Decoupling the entity from whatever controls it
  30. Representing a high-resolution deformable solid in 3D
  31. Selecting Dictionary item based on custom classes instead of keys
  32. Design patterns in Game Physics
  33. How to write "Hello World" for N64 purely from scratch?
  34. What is the point in using API such as Open GL or DirectX when there are game engines?
  35. How should I design an easing class in C++?
  36. Effective methods to continuously update movement in a tower defense game?
  37. Game companies - Involvement of programmers in the design process
  38. How can I run a .jar file with XNA?
  39. How should bots be recognised in a game?
  40. Getting player cube to move left or right in relation to camera based on camera's rotation
  41. How do I implement a programming system in my game that is both accessible, powerful, and fast to code in?
  42. Implementing a wait function in a game script
  43. Best way to gain C++ working experience for a job in games (coming from C#)
  44. Game programming course materials: What should it include?
  45. Newbie game programmer - Where do I start?
  46. Conceptual question regarding Belief-Desire-Intent agent
  47. Should our group try to make a game?
  48. Cocos2d Sprite 3D position
  49. How to make "Shaky mouse cursor" Before shoot the target Like in a Dart Game?
  50. How do i get my tilemap to move at the same speed as my character
  51. Implementing a FSM with ActionScript 2 without using classes?
  52. What's the difference between a "Gameplay Programmer" and a "Gameplay Engineer?"
  53. Mobile Multiplayer games and coping with high latency
  54. Trophies programming design pattern
  55. Confused about this Timer function C++
  56. Why should I write a computer program if I don't know exactly how the program gets run in its entirety?
  57. How can I create an extending chain like the hookshot in Zelda in Unity?
  58. How can I move and rotate an object in an “infinity” or “figure 8” trajectory?
  59. Entity Component System based engine
  60. Turn a single player game into multiplayer game
  61. Snake game made in processing
  62. How to implement mutable functionality at runtime?
  63. How to make minecraft like world round?
  64. How to create a text-based game?
  65. How would I go about programming atmosphere for a game?
  66. Trying to use yield to wait for a few seconds to avoid the sounds from Interfering with each other
  67. How can I maintain a rectangular formation when units are added or removed?
  68. Will there be any more books in the Game Programming Gems series?
  69. Problem with Collision Detection
  70. Networking in a strategy, city management game
  71. Does an indie game developer really need to know graphics programming beyond the basics?
  72. What language for Indie dev?
  73. Manage a large number of independent actors in real-time
  74. Making a game for multiple platforms
  75. Passing data between engine layers
  76. Calculate speed vehicle physics 2d racegame
  77. How to implement auto-aiming / auto-targeting
  78. I have a game based on combining 2 ingredients to create a product. What is the best way to code this? (Unity)
  79. Are there such things as online development projects?
  80. Generate planet like heightmaps
  81. Which programming language should I start with in game dev?
  82. What exactly is a 'set of states'?
  83. How to to convert UV coordinates to texel coordinates and how to convert texel coordinates to "array coordinates"?
  84. Is it essential that I learn Try/Catch and Finally statements for Game Programming, or is it something I can come back to?
  85. What can I do to make sure that I have the energy to work on my game while working full-time?
  86. Engine programming, is it supposed to be enjoyable?
  87. Little and big endianness in games
  88. How can be data oriented programming applied for GUI system?
  89. Tangible benefits to speed-coding your personal game projects
  90. RPGMakerVX - Changing item_max?
  91. Why are games built on cross-platform engines sometimes exclusive to Windows?
  92. Check if an object is facing another based on angles
  93. Make an object slide around an obstacle
  94. Map editor undo function - Not actually setting values to tiles
  95. What are some great papers/publications relating to game programming?
  96. Are there places in the gaming industry for people who are artistic and programmers?
  97. How or why are major video games programmed so reliably?
  98. 3D Location Handling
  99. Rotating a 3rd person camera toward a target
  100. Limitations of p2p multiplayer games vs client-server
  101. the basic or important thing that i need to learn from C#
  102. Where can a game developer/programmer get freelance jobs?
  103. Computer Games Technolgy or Software Engineering?
  104. Showing range on hexagonal grid
  105. For Indie Developers should abstraction or development speed be prioritized?
  106. Game-oriented programming language features/objectives/paradigm?
  107. How should I proceed next with my programming skills?
  108. How do bullets work in video games?
  109. How should I handle functions, where two classes have equal use?
  110. How to handle game states for a single-player / multiplayer game?
  111. Cross platform low level graphic API
  112. How should I check if a player has completed an achievement?
  113. naming conventions in game code / vocabulary
  114. Should each UI screen contain the list of screens on the stack or should I use a manager class?
  115. What properties should be private, public, and protected?
  116. Is there any potential downside to procedurally programmingh in DirectX 11, without classes?
  117. How do the Box2d and Bullet physics simulations work internally?
  118. OpenAL - alGetSourcei and AL_BUFFERS_PROCESSED gives junk
  119. Best solution for "level string"?
  120. How do I generate surface normals?
  121. Expandable 2d environment by spawning and controlling individual tiles
  122. Experiences of test-driven devleopment in large projects
  123. making a game in 2D(C++). SDL or openGL? Or, why not both?
  124. What should every graphics programmer write
  125. Clickable hex grid in c#.net
  126. Atmospheric Scattering
  127. How do I detect UI button presses on Android
  128. C++: Smart pointers, Raw pointers, No Pointers?
  129. How do videogames store information offscreen?
  130. Are there any clever methods of regulating bandwidth usage for voice chat payload packets?
  131. Does Big O really matter?
  132. Level Implementation
  133. What will AMD Fusion or likewise hybrid CPU/GPU will change for the 3D programmer ? Are they potentially faster?
  134. Get Facebook Picture in Cocos2d-iphone V3
  135. What are some programming design patterns that are useful in game development?
  136. What do gameplay programmers do?
  137. Match-3 Shuffle Required?
  138. What scripting language would you recommend for a C++ game project?
  139. Simple game engines / development tools made with artists in mind?
  140. Vehicle audio recording
  141. What should I consider when evaluating libraries, engines and frameworks for making a game?
  142. Arc'd jumping method?
  143. What are the advantages of having component logic in a "system" versus the component itself?
  144. Do "write once run anywhere" engines require platform specific code for multiplayer?
  145. Subscriber with many publishers: unsubscribing
  146. Deep copying or cloning in actionscript 3
  147. Where do i start with game development when i'm terrible at art and 3d modelling?
  148. Problem with Update(GameTime) Methods and Pause implementation
  149. Recent mainstream games written in pure C? not C++ what was/is the point?
  150. Cyclic Dependencies
  151. What are the restrictions of 3g online games
  152. What tools should I consider if my aim is to make a game available to as many platforms as possible?
  153. Is there a 3d animation software that prioritizes working with code rather than GUI?
  154. Unity - protect MonoBehaviour-derived classes from instantiating via new in C#
  155. What can I do to avoid one-off flags and checks throughout my code?
  156. Are interleaved vertex data formats better than non-interleaved formats?
  157. Amount of Data Calculated in a Game
  158. Game Development Resources?
  159. What should a game engine do?
  160. https://gamedev.stackexchange.com/q/133323
  161. Low coupling and tight cohesion
  162. What's next to learn?
  163. Unity PhotonView - Ownership problems when synching objects
  164. Finding the intersection of a plane and a ray
  165. Is video compositing feasible?
  166. Game programming books?
  167. Why is 3D game development supposed to be so hard?
  168. How much memory usage is too much in a Flash game?
  169. Adaptive Characters: AI Solution Needs a Problem
  170. Beat detection and FFT
  171. Making game constants/tables available to game logic classes/routines in a modular manner
  172. What do I need to consider before making any class singleton?
  173. Game Maker (and others): what data type is colour and how can I compare them?
  174. What is "tools development?"
  175. Pointers in C# Unity
  176. How to find if an object is facing another object given position and direction as separate vectors
  177. Networking/Packet Design
  178. Are there games with player programmable vehicle control behaviour?
  179. Trying to create a UE4 blueprint or script to recognize set shapes
  180. What research areas exist in game programming?
  181. Mouse location is off due to camera
  182. How to do collision detection on marching cubes terrain?
  183. Networking gampeplay - Sending controller inputs vs. sending game actions
  184. How could you parallelise a 2D boids simulation
  185. Stopping Animations For Player In Java Using Slick2D
  186. Can't parent the standard FPSController during gameplay
  187. How to make a "Camera" in Java
  188. Organizing platformer game into classes
  189. How can I get textures on edge of walls like in Super Metroid and Aquaria?
  190. Stat Multipliers: from Base Value or Iterative
  191. Andengine onAreaTouched TouchEvent not working - ACTION_OUTSIDE & ACTION_CANCEL
  192. Pickup another book or submerge into XNA
  193. Should I use a visual tool or code myself?
  194. Help for structuring classes
  195. At which school levels do you learn to make games form scratch?
  196. Efficient 2d Java Line of Sight for a lot of entities?
  197. When should I acquire game objects with dependency injection, find-with-tag, or singletons?
  198. VS deployment problems
  199. It is worth adding 'futuristic' features to our game, or should we put our focus elsewhere?
  200. What are some good game programming short courses?
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