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How do I ask better questions?
3 votes

First of all, chill out. The questions you ask about game dev will get better as you learn more about game dev. There is nothing wrong with asking a question and having it closed! Not a big deal. ...

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There is no point closing something as too localized
2 votes

I think this happens to mostly 2 classes of questions. 1) The longwinded "do it for me" type questions, where they post [pages] of code and kinda shrug their shoulders and ask "So what's wrong with ...

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Can we have MathJax on gamedev.SE?
1 votes

Nicely formatted math does look nice. However, do we really need it? doesn't have it because ("it is an extremely heavy dependency."). I presume Jeff meant in terms of page load/...

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What does one look at before answering a question?
1 votes

I answer questions in 2 main situations: 1) The title from the front page catches my eye, or I think I know the answer to the question just from the title 2) I think I have something to add to the ...

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2013 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire
-1 votes

1: One of the biggest schisms the site has is the divide between the experienced developers who are active on the site and the mass of inexperienced but enthusiastic people wanting to develop games. ...

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Write an Elevator Pitch / Tagline
-3 votes

bugfragger: ( and then a tagline )

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