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  • Programming Languages: Java, C
  • Programming: VB, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, AS3, DOS batch-file script, some javascript
  • Applications: PhotoShop, Premier Pro, Flash, Word, Excel, Access, OneNote, Outlook
  • 3D Noobie -- Blender.org and Loving It! But so hard!

My Sytem:
Windows 7 Ultimate, PC - downgraded from 8.1.
- Specs 10GB RAM, Intel Core, i5 3.4 GHz(4), x64, SP1
* Also have a Windows 10 Surface Pro 4

College Degrees:
Computer Science

"If he gets up. We'll all get up. It'll be anarchy!" -- The Breakfast Club
"Never memorize something that you can look up." -- Albert Einstein
"Help me.... Help. Me. Help me, help you!" -- Jerry McGuire

What I've experienced on this site:

I've got to say for a community like this, I've seen a lot of juvenile attitude and unnecessary commentary. Jealousy and Envy. And bullying! I've seen a trend of angst over who get's the Answer first, full on tantrums and down-voting over it. It's really unfortunate because this should be a rich environment of higher education and reflection. It's always been my motto to be polite, professional, and courteous. These are things you should have been taught when you were a child.

I've always learned by helping. Helping others is how I was able to grasp concepts and better understand subjects in college. I believe in being conservative and genuine and always being polite and courteous. The only criticism worth hearing is from a constructive and courteous person.

I'm also a realist. Some people don't know how to be a gentleman. That's life I guess.

Treat everyone on the internet as if they were standing right in front of you in a room full of peers. Don't hide behind your anonymity on the internet. Don't be a bully. Nobody like a "knowitall" either. Know something? Good for you. Contribute and be on your way, there is no need to comment to the rest of the contributors why your answer is better and belabor the point. That is so childish and chauvinistic. The internet has opened so many doors and it's only recently. We are in new waters. We must be descent and respectful. The internet might be temporary, you never know.

New update:

I am afraid that I must stop replying to rude comments, if not all comments, as the commentators just keep coming back for more; they are relentless and so rude and childish. It's truly unbearable. I've also noticed certain types and specific entities actually live on this site on a daily basis, as "Eager to please". Look that one up, it's not pretty. The types of people that are eager to please is a whole study group. Sites like this one creates a false identity attached to a point system of false worthiness... I found that this point system is very flawed and causes a lot of tension to otherwise intelligent people, and it brings out the worst in a lot of them.

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