If you would like to send me a message as a follow up to a question, please email: dakangaroo01 (at) gmail (dot) com ((at) & (dot) just to throw off spam filters.) That isn't my main email account but one I use for public messages.

Mainly programming in Java these days, focused on OpenGL/Swing. I work by day as a 3D artist with Blender making realistic renders of furniture for a furniture manufacturer, as well as doing graphic design in Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign for their marketing department, by night I'm attempting to learn 3D game development to make 3D games as a hobby.

Also past experiences doing C++ I try not to remember, and briefly was working professionally as web designer/developer using Javascript/PHP, MySQL databases, and of course writing HTML/CSS. For fun sometimes I do some LSL scripting in Second Life.

So I guess you could say a fairly well rounded sorta person, not too expertly skilled in one area but with a lot of general knowledge in many areas.

I'm here to ask questions about stuff that gets me absolutely stuck in game development and hopefully offer some general advice where I can on other subjects.

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