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Why should the GameDev site exist?
15 votes

Your question is of particular interest to me, because I have the accepted and highest upvoted answer on the example of a programming question (one about optimisation) you think should be on Stack ...

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Clarify off-topic as it pertains to non-game use of game libraries
8 votes

That first question getting close votes is particularly annoying, because if the asker had not said that they weren't working on a game, I don't think it would have attracted any close votes at all. I ...

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What should our domain be?
5 votes

From the classic game architecture functions Update() and Draw(), we could have: (Available)

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Can I ask a question with an answer in mind that recommends a specific service?
4 votes

The contact details for the advertising department are that-a-way. Yes, this is off topic, as per Seth's post. But it's also an attempt to insert what is clearly an advertisement into the site ...

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What is Community wiki?
0 votes

These questions on Meta Stack Overflow seem relevant: What are “Community Wiki” posts? When to mark the ‘community wiki’ checkbox on a new question?

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