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I'm a programmer since I was roughly 9 years old.

I love programming, and enthusiastic about the ability to use our imagination and create new things, new ideas. I think the slogan of programmers is: "If it does not exist yet, let's create it!"

I also encourage the community, especially the open-source industry. Open source projects are the place to get feedback from the community, from programmer who are better than you, and improve your skills.

I love to learn, and always learning more and more. I specifically I tend to study new languages and technologies, like Go, Dart, Machine Learning and more.

I develop in many languages. I have deep knowledge of C, C++, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript and Python. In the side of technologies there are WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, Web (HTML + CSS), Unity, native Windows development (Win32API and MFC), UWP.

I also have knowledge (enough in order to write a complex project) of React, Angular, Java, Office Extensions, Visual Studio and VSCode extensions, Qt5 and PySide (along with PyQt5), Xamarin, SQL, F#, native Python extensions and Electron. IMHO, the difference between "deep" and "enough" knowledge of something is: when you understand something "enough", you know how to work with it. However, "deep" understanding is more: you understand how it works. Or, if you would have the time, could you write it yourself?

I also have basic knowledge of Go, Dart, PowerShell, Bash, x86 Assembly, PHP, Machine Learning with Keras and TensorFlow.

Currently I'm focusing on two big projects: one close-source game in Unity, and one (currently in planning stages), open-source, Roslyn-architecture-inspired compiler targets .NET Core platform for a C#-inspired language for beginners, targets to be impossible to do logic errors within it. Check my GitHub repos :)

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