"This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear, or not useful." That's what the downvote tooltip says, and I say that's just fine for dealing with these. People don't like getting 5 downvotes; it makes them feel bad. So they'll either fix the question and learn how to do it right, or leave the site. Either way seems ok with me.


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The hardest(?) issue I have with the reasons to vote to close is the "too broad" one. Say this one, that you linked, would appear to me as too broad. However, I think I've been mistaking the "too broad" reason for 'there are many ways to accomplish this, not a single "perfect one"', i.e. the broadness would apply to the answers. These modding skills are ...


As it's been stated here or in one of the links you posted, donwvotes should encourage bad questions posters to either delete or modify the question. These questions don't technically fit in any 'close' categories, but as DMGregory suggested in this situation, a close vote with a 'custom' reason could take care of it. At this point, it's in the hands of ...


Voting to close should be your go-to action when you see questions that are off topic, unclear or duplicates. Flagging should be used when a question needs moderator attention. This is used for spam, offensive posts or other situations where moderator intervention is needed. Flagging to close allows lower rep users to bring questions that should be closed ...


You can always flag for moderator attention with a custom explanation. (i.e. the "other" option) Briefly detail what the situation is and why you flag. It should then be perfectly clear to the moderator what your intentions are and they can act (or reject, if they feel the need to) accordingly.


I mistakenly thought these were already officially off-topic, hence my (potentially misplaced) vote on the question MAnd links. On one hand I think there is value in discouraging using StackExchange as a Google proxy. We expect users to search this site for existing questions before asking and close duplicates, so it doesn't seem unduly onerous to ask them ...

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