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These posters have mostly failed to search adequately. "Adequately" is objective in this case, meaning that they didn't find the existing post that answered their question. While we can't physically force people to search better (adequately), perhaps we can modify the text in the existing post so that it comes up more frequently as the user is typing their ...


I think these (existing) lists can be useful (eg. to find assets for low-budget or prototyping). IMHO new questions of this type should be closed and currently this seems to work quite well. So I guess we can try to keep it at the currently existing questions. I think this is also a question to the moderators, because they would be the ones that would have ...


So it seems the moderation policies have pretty much shifted to "list of X" questions not being useful. There are other resources on the internet better suited to these kinds of questions, and I'm updating the faq to call out these questions as being off topic.

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