This is a community wiki post anyone can edit. Its purpose is to compile a list of Game Dev SE posts that would significantly benefit from MathJax/LaTeX markup, as part of the use-case argument for enabling MathJax here. We need a decent body of evidence that MathJax would be worthwhile. RPG.SE and CodeReview responded by gathering a list of posts that ...


Poof! You have Stack Snippets. Now get out there and do some awesome stuff with them! ;)


Yes please Games are interactive, so questions about them are often about interactivity. Stack Snippets allow interactive demonstrations. Currently, when I write about something interactive (like splashy waves, brushable hair or mouse following), I tend to post a bunch of pictures (often GIFs of my cursor poking things), followed by the code I used to ...


As you may be able to see, the link colors on Meta.GameDevelopment have been updated. They have been reverted to the standard Meta link colors. Update July 24, 2017 Chat and GD.SE link colors have been updated and will be updated once production builds out. Once production build, I'll update the post's status. Update July 26, 2017 Production has been ...


We're going ahead and enabling this, as you've shown plenty of examples of cases where it'd be useful. As requested, the inline delimiters will be changed to \$ ... \$, and the block-level delimiters are $$...$$ and [...] (which are the defaults, and can't be changed). Fixed posts broken by this: Unreal Engine 4.15 Error C++ | ERROR: UBT ERROR: Failed to ...


Yes, that shouldn't happen, and will be fixed next time we deploy.


That's because parallax-scrolling didn't exist before. It does now. And, parallaxscrolling has been merged into it, so anyone trying to use that non-dash-non-sense will be converted to the dash-tastic parallax-scrolling.


This has been fixed and will go out in rev. 1340.


Yes, we can! This question felt lonely without an answer.


I changed both the question scores and section headers to have a much lighter font color; the fix will be pushed out in the next few hours. Sorry for the delay on this.


I found this Protection banner missing when I don't have enough rep to answer; closed and locked banners appear in wrong spot, so it seems it's not specific to this stack, but a sidewide problem. It seems the intended behaviour is to show protected at the bottom where the answerbox is to user that have not enough rep, and show it at the top to users who ...


We just did a major revamp of how badges are awarded behind the scenes to drastically reduce the load on SQL Server. It now takes advantage of some pre-compute work we're doing to track badge progress in the profile. However, I screwed up 2 queries, specifically the text names of the badges that prevent duplicate awarding. I was thinking to myself earlier &...


I'm pretty sure that this was fixed a few weeks ago; apologies for not seeing this report sooner. Unless you've seen more instances of this issue... and if so, please just keep it to yourself (kidding :)

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