This is a community wiki post anyone can edit. Its purpose is to compile a list of Game Dev SE posts that would significantly benefit from MathJax/LaTeX markup, as part of the use-case argument for enabling MathJax here. We need a decent body of evidence that MathJax would be worthwhile. RPG.SE and CodeReview responded by gathering a list of posts that ...


We're going ahead and enabling this, as you've shown plenty of examples of cases where it'd be useful. As requested, the inline delimiters will be changed to \$ ... \$, and the block-level delimiters are $$...$$ and [...] (which are the defaults, and can't be changed). Fixed posts broken by this: Unreal Engine 4.15 Error C++ | ERROR: UBT ERROR: Failed to ...


I've fixed this on dev, the change will be on live after our next production build. I've made the links underlined if they appear inside of a code block(same for code block inside of a link as well)


Boolean Algebra and Logic Quantifiers. use \forall and \exists: \$ \forall\ and \ \exists\ \$ Operators. use \neg, \land and \lor: \$ \neg, \land\ and \lor\ \$


Basic MathJax and Mathematics Displaying a formula For inline formulas, use \$ ... \$. For display-mode formulas (i.e. multiline, centered formulas which take up their own paragraph), use $$ ... $$. Various symbols will be displaye differently in inline vs multiline mode. For example, the equation \sum_{i=0}^n i^2 = \frac{(n^2+n)(2n+1)}{6} renders in ...


Vectors and Matrices Basic symbols \vec puts an arrow over the next symbol: \$\vec a\$. For larger groups, use \overrightarrow: \$\overrightarrow{abc}\$ \overleftrightarrow and \overleftarrow are also available: \$ \overleftrightarrow{abc}\$ and \$\overleftarrow{abc}\$ \vert and \Vert display single and double vertical bars: \$\vert a \vert\$ or \$\Vert a \...


I've just noticed that this has apparently been fixed recently. See this answer for example, where code in links shows up underlined.

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