When done right, it's fine; the information for how to do it right is covered in the help on how to not be a spammer. The key points as I see them are: The answer needs to be complete. If removing the link or mention of the project significantly reduces the usefulness of the answer, there's a problem. the problem may be the answer, the question or both, ...


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I think we should. Although some questions really ask about "source code" in a general way, this appears more to be used as a meta tag or a sign of an off-topic question.


Thanks for posting this in meta! Both past discussions you have posted seem to have this stance: If it's blatantly off-topic such as a compiler error, or a language syntax issue, I [user1430] will unilaterally close it. I know we, mods, do close questions that are generic programming questions as described above, so: Have we abandoned the rule about ...


In my opinion, we should keep and enforce the rule about general programming questions. If it's how to access a script on a game object in Unity, it's kind of just a C# question (the script is a property of the object), but it's really closely related to how Unity does things... so that's ok.


It's not "a perfect match" for our site, as we don't generally deal with simulating lenses and/or focal lengths, but I don't think it's completely off-topic either. I will not vote to close if it's migrated here. If folks over ComputerGraphics give you a more enthusiastic answer, maybe you could move it there instead :)



Since it's a rename of the engine, I think it should be made a synonym of the new stride tag. This would help future visitors to see something "coherent" with the rest of the internet (those who have not been made aware that it was renamed, for example).


As a side answer (which is orthogonal with my other answer), it's not atypical to include the term "engine" into the tag. So I would suggest we use the tag stride-engine instead of just stride.

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