Please don't. In the case that you haven't generated enough rep to post a comment (50) - but you have enough to speak in chat (20) - you can use the chatroom and ask someone else to post a comment for you.


Votes - up and down - are not primarily for the benefit of the person posting the question or answer. They can provide some benefit of course: up-votes offer positive reinforcement, and down-votes negative... But as you've noticed, they're fairly impersonal. The true value of voting is to quickly communicate to other readers the value placed on a question or ...


You don't have enough reputation yet yet. You need 50 reputation to "comment everywhere." https://gamedev.stackexchange.com/privileges/comment


If there are no other comments and you're going to down vote the question/answer, it's polite and useful to post a comment. The FAQ specifically asks you to do so. It's part of the etiquette of the site. Without the comment, the down vote is fairly worthless. I believe someone asking for a comment to explain a down vote is the same as asking someone to ...


This is a site wide feature & has already been raised on SE meta. The presently stated rationale is that line breaks would lead to longer, more conversational style commenting. Comments are intended for brief meta Q&A rather than discussions. From time to time, I've found myself trying to line break my own comments - I've always found that my ...


Getting your answers upvoted one of the fastest ways to increase your reputation (+10 rep per upvote). I suggest you build nice, full-fledged answers around the input you want to share with the OP, as long as the answer actually answers the question. Writing good answers will get you the rep you need in no time!


I think many people on the different sites are taking for granted that people should know what they are trying to do. I'll explain what I mean, in every other post people require that OP has tried something. But for many people this is impossible because the very reason they are asking are that they are beginners. I know from my own perspective sometimes I ...

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