Please don't. In the case that you haven't generated enough rep to post a comment (50) - but you have enough to speak in chat (20) - you can use the chatroom and ask someone else to post a comment for you.


This is a site wide feature & has already been raised on SE meta. The presently stated rationale is that line breaks would lead to longer, more conversational style commenting. Comments are intended for brief meta Q&A rather than discussions. From time to time, I've found myself trying to line break my own comments - I've always found that my ...


Getting your answers upvoted one of the fastest ways to increase your reputation (+10 rep per upvote). I suggest you build nice, full-fledged answers around the input you want to share with the OP, as long as the answer actually answers the question. Writing good answers will get you the rep you need in no time!

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible