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Chat poll: 'Recent questions' feed: as a chat message in the room, or via a slide-down ticker overlay at the top of the room?

A non-intrusive side list similar to the star board would be good - out of the way but still visible. The old RSS-styled top-left pop-in was handy but was web-browersly bad because you had to be in ...
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Is it okay to repeatedly disrupt conversation in the chat room by posting images?

I remember in high school once at the beginning of a school year where the student sitting in front of me kept banging his chair on my desk. I asked why, and he said sorry, that he used to have a wall ...
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Can I advertise my GitHub repository in the chat?

Thanks for asking this in meta! People in chat are there to chill, discuss about game dev and related topics (and random stuff when not talking about that), and for occasional drama. Some users are ...
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