In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected [from an earlier thread]( have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as the space for the candidates to provide their answers. 

Normally I'm supposed to have provided a pair of default questions but I apparently forgot to do exactly such when I posted the question collection. I also ended up merging two questions submitted (as one was influenced by the other), and didn't want to cut out the other questions voted on, so I've gone and selected all of the submitted questions from the community, plus our two default questions at the end, for a total of 11 questions.

As a candidate, your job is simple - post an answer to this question, citing each of the questions and then post your answer to each question given in that same answer. For your convenience, I will include all of the questions in quote format with a break in between each, suitable for you to insert your answers. Just [copy the whole thing after the first set of three dashes]( consider putting your name at the top of your post so that readers will know who you are before they finish reading everything you have written, and also including a link to your answer on your nomination post.

Once all the answers have been compiled, this will serve as a transcript for voters to view the thoughts of their candidates, and will be appropriately linked in the Election page.

Good luck to all of the candidates!

**Oh, and when you've completed your answer, please provide a link to it after this blurb here, before that set of three dashes. Please leave the list of links in the order of submission.**

To save scrolling here are links to the submissions from each candidate (in order of submission):


>1. Game design questions are generally underserved by our site, often because many really interesting game design questions are open-ended. What (if anything) do you feel you should or could do to change this, as a moderator?

>2. There's a perception among developers that StackExchange is elitist / unwelcoming, or that established/high-rep users are on a "power trip" and out to bully new users: [1]( [2]( [3]( [4]( While SO gets the most focus due to its higher volume, we can see the same sentiments in our own users here on GDSE. Over the weekend, a user commented "You know what. Stack exchange sucks. No one here is willing to help. It’s always just: “no you can’t ask your question like that!” This is a question which can be answered with one answer...But then again no one’s here to actually help." As a mod, how would you guide the community to provide a more welcoming first impression or onboarding experience for new users?

>3. Aren't you afraid that you will burn out solving mundane issues that you could ignore before?

>4. Why do you want to be a moderator?

>5. Some community members have felt a change in the chat culture on the site. What are your thoughts on the current state of the site's chat room?

>6. Moderators have a rare ability to make unilateral changes to the site, bypassing checks that often require larger community consensus. What do you feel is the area most _in need_ of that kind of unilateral intervention today, and how would you address it?

>7. A huge percentage of questions get closed (roughly every 8th or 5000 out of the current 40,000 questions not counting the deleted ones), a big chunk of these ask for software, book or technology recommendations. What would you do to solve this issue?

>8. What professional or hobby experience do you have that you think you'll be bringing to the role of moderating this community? This might include soft skills dealing with people, or professional experience having developed games (and if you have the latter, what games have you worked on, if you are willing/able to disclose?)

>9. With great powers come great responsibilities and influence. As a newly elected moderator, what behaviour(s) that you had as a non-moderator will you change, if any, whether it is about voting, interactions with other users, interventions on meta, etc.?

>10. How would you deal with a user who produced a steady stream of valuable answers, but tends to generate a large number of arguments/flags from comments? 

>11. How would you handle a situation where another mod closed/deleted/etc a question that you feel shouldn't have been?