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Link Colors for Visited and Non-Visited Links too Similar

I have been browsing gamedev for a while and at first noticed that the color differences between a clicked link and a non-clicked link were rather similar. I attributed this to my poor eyesight (...
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4 votes
1 answer

Questions on user pages don't show ones with marked answers

When I look at a user page (take this for example), if the user has asked questions, they show in the Questions list. That's fine and expected. However, if the user has marked a question as answered, ...
3 votes
2 answers

Game development questions about UI

Hey guys, over at StackExchange User Interface we're fielding questions about UI and I thought it might be nice to mention it over here, as we haven't really had any UI questions pertaining to game ...
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The reopen vote interface kind of sucks (so what could be done to improve that?)

I gauged whether to vote to reopen for this question,, but I realized I couldn't accurately determine if the OP had improved it or not. I had ...
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Styling broken for close votes on mobile

Simple issue. When casting a close vote, you're told which other votes have been cast. On the PC, it looks like this: On a mobile, however, that red background behind the number is missing: That's ...