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For posts about the use, behavior, or policies related to tags, which are labels applied to questions to group them for search and categorization purposes.

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Why doesn't "trusted user" apply to tag synonyms? Is this a bug?

I'm curious of anybody knows the rationale for excluding the tag synonym suggestion feature from the set of features trusted users are allowed to perform? It seems particularly odd to me that, as a ...
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Tags are overlapping text in user profile "About Me"

I'm using tags in my user profile "About Me" and I've noticed that the tag link is overlapping the "About Me" text like in the following example: EDIT: I've noted that the same happens when you use ...
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Can community moderators be given permission to enable software-enforced blacklisting of tags?

In the "useless tags" thread we've identified several tags that we'd like to avoid, such as design. However nothing prevents users from actually using those blacklisted tags, which creates something ...
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Remove version-specific xna tags

XNA will never get past version 4, and version 3.1 should be unused (though xna-3.1 has 3 questions this year, 5 total, somehow), I am of the opinion that xna and xna-4.0 should be merged. But I ...
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Shouldn't [audio] and [sound] be merged together?

I'm talking about sound and audio here. sound has the following description: Audio (heard) output of a game. audio has this: The audio component of a game, representing what the player will ...
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Should we update the "voxels" tag information?

Currently the voxels tag's description is this: VOlumetric piXEL (volumetric picture element). An approach to world construction that uses small, uniform volumetric elements as opposed to the ...
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