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You need help with the use of one or more of the site's features.

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Temporary policy: ChatGPT is banned

You may have seen a similar policy announced on StackOverflow's meta. While it's not enforced network-wide, we the moderators feel that the risk of posting plausible-sounding generated answers rather ...
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Why was I unable to use the very low quality flag?

Today I encountered a GDSE question that was not in English. As per this guidance on meta I tried to flag it as Very Low Quality. As a result, I got a popup message ...
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Having trouble converting table into MathJax

I'm trying to convert this table into MathJax: And this is the MathJax code I came up with: ...
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Is my question OK for this site?

I asked on SO but received nothing. Would I be more appropriate to ask this question here?
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Is this server (ie Game Development) under stress (or attack)?

I have been seeing regular weird issues recently when visiting this particular site, including very poor response and my tag customizations being invisible for extended periods of time. Usually it is ...
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How can i earn enough reputation to comment?

I often find that i can answer a question partially, can help steer people in the right direction or provide a link with more information. These things however are almost never good enough for a full ...
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