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1 answer

Weird stuff in "Top Questions"

I've learned to check first because this happens frequently. This is the first question listed under active. "modified 16 mins ago Community" - Generate random position within object The question, ...
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Why do some questions display the wrong user in the "Unanswered" list?

While browsing the Unanswered Questions I noticed this: I clicked through to the question and the user in the picture is nowhere to be found. I also noticed a similar issue with this question, so it ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Old edits on old closed posts now triggering reopen votes?

Lately we've been getting a number of re-open candidates. Some of were last active as far back as two years. In some cases, the last edit that was made to them is what's referenced as the reason it's ...
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2 votes
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"add comment" button missing

I can only "add comment" on questions and answers posted by myself, not others. The button is missing. Why is that? I use the linux version of firefox and chrome.
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8 votes
2 answers

Why can I not link directly to FAQ anchors?

Our FAQ has some useful stuff, but it doesn't look like I can actually link people to that useful stuff. Instead I have to link them to the FAQ main page and ask them to search themselves, which is ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Am I missing badges I should have earned?

I believe I am missing 2-3 badges. For my current reputation of 115 the breakdown looks like this: 1 initial reputation point. 2 post edits. 112 tag wiki edits. The lone edit was adding a tag to a ...
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Tag summaries are oblivious to tag linking syntax: [tag:this-thing]

We've recently added a summary for the time-management which includes references to the tags timing and time-travel, using the very same fancy tag markup I used just now. The syntax doesn't get ...
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1 answer

Edit tags command not found next to tag list in questions

On Stack Overflow, there is an "edit tags" button or somesuch that will appear when you mouse-over the area to the right of the tag list on a question. It allows you to edit the tags of a question ...
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1 answer

User name not a link in comment

This question was migrated from stackoverflow: XNA: Texture2D.GetData runtime error Bjørn Moholt's name on his comment doesn't have a link.
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4 votes
1 answer

Haven't achieved Electorate badge?

I wasn't too sure about this until I checked today and saw a breakdown of my votes cast on my profile. The Electorate badge states: Voted on 600 questions and 25% or more of total votes are on ...
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1 answer

Bounty on community wiki questions

How to write a network game? was converted to a wiki, but the bounty wasn't removed. Bug?
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1 answer

Possible bug in listing tags?

This could be more of a stack exchange bug, but I haven't seen it anywhere but here. This question is tagged "xna" but the page to list the tag as nothing in it. Has anyone else seen this? Is is a ...
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