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Do we want to update the link to the MathJax help in the help pages? If so, to where?

It's been recently brought to our attention that Stack Exchange staff can change the Learn more: MathJax help. link in the Markdown help section LaTeX. It currently points to an external site: An ...
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Game Development MathJax Cookbook

MathJax (a relative of \$\LaTeX\$) is now enabled on this site. Mathematics.SE has a MathJax basic tutorial and quick reference, but this question will be a cookbook for Game Development-specific ...
18 votes
1 answer

MathJax (\$\LaTeX\$ in posts) has been added! Let's make some math!

MathJax has been enabled on our site! That means we can have actual fancy mathematical equations expressed as such without resorting to pseudocode, uneditable \$\LaTeX\$ screenshots, etc. MathJax is ...
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36 votes
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Can we enable MathJax on GDSE? (revisited)

This has been discussed before in math markdown on this site, but I'd like to have some fresh discussion of this matter. Circumstances have changed in the meantime. The discussion of 2011 seems to ...
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How can I render math formulas from StackExchange in my web browser?

I would like to see maths formula in rendered form instead of code in Firefox. It is possible? For instance, in this answer, there is a formula: ...
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Why don't we have LaTeX? [duplicate]

It is crucial to have LaTeX on this board, because we often need to talk about matrices and vectors e.g. while physics simulation. I think there are many themes like AI and other which require ...
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math markdown on this site [duplicate]

Can we have math markdown on this site (like on It will make answering some of the geometry questions easier
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