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Do we want to update the link to the MathJax help in the help pages? If so, to where?

It's been recently brought to our attention that Stack Exchange staff can change the Learn more: MathJax help. link in the Markdown help section LaTeX. It currently points to an external site: An ...
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Looking for volunteers to fix links

CodePlex archives will be shut down after July 1st 2021. We still have a bunch of links to it. I'm sure there is a bunch of projects that were hosted there are now hosted somewhere else, like on ...
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Where should I upload resources linked to my question/answer?

I've seen users posts and refer content on "external" sites. Where should I upload mine, and where should I not upload mine, and why? Note that this question serves more of a reminder than anything ...
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What to do with links / imagery with sexual content?

I came across this answer where the first URL links to a pornographic site (In the meantime I have edited out the links in the answer). While these links were (probably) posted in good faith and the ...
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Could GDSE's low-visibility hyperlinks please be revisited and improved on main, meta and in chat?

GDSE has a bunch of issues with its links having major perception issues across the board. Could link colors on this site's main, meta, and chat please be revisited? My request would be that our links ...
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Inlining/reuploading images to stack's imgur. Should we do it even if it means going against 3rd pary license?

This question for came to my attention: (short version of the question) Can we please inline images? Can we re-upload to imgur images linked in questions? This will be useful ...
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What to do with answers that mainly consist in a link?

More often than not links in articles work and provide valuable information. But I really hate it when I come across an accepted SE answer, and it mostly consists in a link to the poster’s defunct ...
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User name not a link in comment

This question was migrated from stackoverflow: XNA: Texture2D.GetData runtime error Bjørn Moholt's name on his comment doesn't have a link.
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