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To what width should I limit my hexdump output in posts?

The default for many programs which output a hexadecimal dump of data is often 16 columns of octets. Defaults for binary or octal dumps are often different, but usually something similar to that ...
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Game Development MathJax Cookbook

MathJax (a relative of \$\LaTeX\$) is now enabled on this site. Mathematics.SE has a MathJax basic tutorial and quick reference, but this question will be a cookbook for Game Development-specific ...
36 votes
2 answers

Can we enable MathJax on GDSE? (revisited)

This has been discussed before in math markdown on this site, but I'd like to have some fresh discussion of this matter. Circumstances have changed in the meantime. The discussion of 2011 seems to ...
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No color change when code snippets used inside links [duplicate]

I enjoy using backticks to format names of code symbols, like gluPerspective, in monospace font even in the flow of normal text. I also enjoy linking the names of ...
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Link clarity in code tags

Sometimes it is useful to link directly to documentation for a specific function in your questions/answers. And in many cases, one will often want to put the function name in `` tags, like this: "[`...
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math markdown on this site [duplicate]

Can we have math markdown on this site (like on It will make answering some of the geometry questions easier
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Is the italic button broken?

Why is this italic but my text in this answer is not?
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