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1 answer

Canonical question for picking a random element from a set with weighted probability?

We have several questions about a very common problem in game development: How to pick a random item from a list, but with a bias so that different items have a different probability to occur? Here ...
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2 answers

Handling duplicates where there's an understanding gap

This is a phenomenon I've seen just a couple times; most recently: Today: Multi purpose item class design in C# Duplicates this from 2010: What are different ways to define items in an RPG like game?...
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1 answer

Why has this question been marked as duplicate?

See here. I find it very surprising that this question has been marked as duplicate and its user suspended (for one year!), which means that he cannot reply to any of his future answers. This ...
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Can we merge the 'three.js' and 'threejs' tags?

I guess these two tags are the same and one of them should be removed (preferably threejs): three.js threejs
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How do we approach not-quite-duplicates?

There is a situation that occasionally arises in GDSE that is captured perfectly with two current questions: Detecting a ledge in Box2D 2d box2d 2d-physics platformer Detect Open Space in Farseer xna ...
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