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Should "Did not do the research" questions be answered or penalised?

Question Questions such as this one show a gross lack of even basic research. (My answer to the question is in fact an almost straight explanation of Google's first result.) So far, I tend to answer ...
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When the title doesn't agree with the content

Once again today I've seen an instance of a question that isn't what it seems. FYI in case the title gets changed, the original one was "How to implement server side caching with PHP". There are a ...
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Plug for Area 51 proposal

I'd like to plug an Area 51 proposal that might be relevant for many game developers. What's the best way for me to do that on Game Dev? It seems odd to make that into a question somehow. Even if I ...
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Cross posting programming questions on Stackoverflow and GameDev.StackExchange

What are the etiquette involved when cross-posting programming questions on StackOverflow and GameDev.StackExchange? Or is it a case of "don't do it?"
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