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4 votes
3 answers

What's our stance on self answered questions that don't show any research effort?

I've seen a couple Questions go by in the past where the user asked the question, then answered it immediately. Often, these questions were simple, a little bit more elaborated than this example: ...
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2 answers

How should I edit my Game Maker questions to improve them?

I have three questions that I have asked on the main site. Every single one of them have been downvoted quite heavily, in my opinion, to the point that I am longer allowed to ask questions (I checked ...
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6 votes
4 answers

How does the site (or how should it) handle the "little-effort" or "no-effort" questions?

Out of curiosity, what currently is and what should be specific policy of gamedev.stackexchange to handle the "little-effort" or "no-effort-at-all" types of questions? Today, what motivated me was ...
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Abused by High-Rep members

A couple of days ago, I posted a question on the Game Development Q&A site. It got +6 votes but nobody could answer the question. However, there appeared to be a war of comments below the post, ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Is it alright to downvote for a localized answer?

I saw this question: How do I implement deceleration for the player character? Asking how to implement this code In a short and elegant way: ...
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Is asking for reason for down vote OK?

The voting system is built around anonymous votes without explanation, demanding one is thus impossible and a waste of time. I try to explain my down votes (but sometimes I don't) and people who down ...
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8 votes
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Should I answer questions that do not belong here?

I downvoted and flagged this question, because the user was asking the typical "what technology should I use" stuff, and it was fairly obvious that he didn't read or that he didn't understand the FAQ. ...
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-1 votes
4 answers

Require a waiting period and rationale for down-votes

I have been a member on SO for some time now, and have had to almost fight my way to break 100 rep, and then when I come to GameDev I ask one question. I get a comment to review it with what ...
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2 answers

what is the exact meaning of a downvote/upvote?

I've had an idea to upvote an answer when it's right and I like it, and downvote it whenever the answer is wrong. about questions I had the idea to upvote whenever I think that question might be ...
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