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Is this a good community wiki question?

Before posting the question, I'd like to know if it fits to be a community wiki question in the GD.SE main. Clearly it would be way too broad to be a normal question. My question would be "What are ...
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Should this question be reopened as community wiki?

The question, Audio programming resources, was recently closed. Should it instead be reopened as a community wiki? And "reopening as community wiki" even a thing? I originally answered it since I ...
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1 vote
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Game Art? Should Questions go here or in a new wiki?

Seems like a lot of people may have questions about game art, especially 3D programming techniques. A lot of people like myself are self-taught and continually trying to pick up tricks that art-school ...
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Undo community wiki on this question

This should not be a community wiki question. Generally there's not an over-doing it in terms of setting questions as community wiki, but I always go by for answers require a lot of information/...
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Accepting an answer on a community wiki.

In my profile I get a blurb "Have you considered accepting an answer or starting a bounty for this question?" for community wiki questions I've asked. Does it make sense to assign an answer to a ...
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Mark a question for wiki ?

I recently asked a question on how to improve upon my existing code. I was recommended, what I was doing was the right way of doing things. I thought of deleting the post since its not valid anymore, ...
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6 votes
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What is Community wiki?

I'm seeing posts show up that are labeled "community wiki." What are these? It's not a tag and I can't list them all. Can anyone explain?
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