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I thought the enter-key would make a new line while typing a comment, but instead, it submitted it b4 I was done writing. So

Meta: I thought the enter-key would make a new line while typing a comment, but instead, it submitted it before I was finished writing it. So, should this be changed? I can see how edits-only-within-...
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Can I contribute to a question (through an answer) without the right to comment?

I have seen quite the number of questions on GameDev SE where I wanted to post some information like a link to other questions or some info I had gathered for that question. However, I'm quite new to ...
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How can i earn enough reputation to comment?

I often find that i can answer a question partially, can help steer people in the right direction or provide a link with more information. These things however are almost never good enough for a full ...
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"add comment" button missing

I can only "add comment" on questions and answers posted by myself, not others. The button is missing. Why is that? I use the linux version of firefox and chrome.
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Is asking for reason for down vote OK?

The voting system is built around anonymous votes without explanation, demanding one is thus impossible and a waste of time. I try to explain my down votes (but sometimes I don't) and people who down ...
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Require a waiting period and rationale for down-votes

I have been a member on SO for some time now, and have had to almost fight my way to break 100 rep, and then when I come to GameDev I ask one question. I get a comment to review it with what ...
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User name not a link in comment

This question was migrated from stackoverflow: XNA: Texture2D.GetData runtime error Bjørn Moholt's name on his comment doesn't have a link.
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