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What counts as a "debug my code" type of question?

We currently close questions as off-topic when those questions are asking, essentially, for the community to debug the asker's project. When this close reason is applicable is a little unclear at the ...
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Should we allow "list of X"-questions?

Many questions currently on the site are things like "Give me a list of options for X". There is a decent amount of precedence for these kinds of questions being discouraged on StackExchange sites. ...
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10 votes
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Off Topic variations

As some of you may know from MSO, there will be changes coming to how we close questions. Among them will be the removal of "too localized" (see below for how that will work) and the addition of ...
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Code dumps/too localized

So I came across these questions ( + and I don't see ...
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Do we still consider programming questions off topic if the context is game-dev related, but the problem turned out to be generic?

I was aware that we do not accept generic programming questions, but does this include questions where the problem was encountered in game developing but turns out to be generic? I came across this ...
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There is no point closing something as too localized

I have no doubt that this thread will get many down votes, but lately I often find questions that are closed with "Closed as too localized". What is the point of a Q&A site if questions cannot be ...
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General programming questions are not a good fit for gamedev

Programming questions about game-related engines/frameworks/library API are welcome. Another reason to ask here is when one thinks that a professional game developer would give a better/different/more ...
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Should we create a "debug my code" close reason?

As mentioned in my question about the definition of "debug my code" questions, I'd like to propose that we merge two existing close reasons and make room for a new close reason dedicated to addressing ...
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6 votes
4 answers

How does the site (or how should it) handle the "little-effort" or "no-effort" questions?

Out of curiosity, what currently is and what should be specific policy of gamedev.stackexchange to handle the "little-effort" or "no-effort-at-all" types of questions? Today, what motivated me was ...
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