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Can someone accept her/his own answer to get the unsung hero badge?

I came over these two questions, which looked awkward due to the fact that the user has accepted his own answer. Examples: How to use/apply class inheritance in Enchant.js How can I place my Enchant....
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How should I select a correct answer to my question?

I've asked a question here: How should I implement side-scrolling level design? I have received two answers I think are correct. One answer seems to be the most accurate for game development in ...
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4 answers

Accept rate discussion in question

I have an accept rate of 20%. Everytime I open a new question now, I get comments such as Oh, you should up your accept rate, and Oh, its funny you didn't accept any answers. I think these comments ...
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3 answers

Can I create an "article" by posting a question and an answer directly?

Let's say that for a time I have been researching a specific question or topic on my own and I've come up with an answer. The answer seems to me to be complete and satisfactory to my needs. At this ...
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Accepting Answers

I'm getting the sense that we have trouble accepting answers to questions. I don't know if this is because many of the questions asked are asking for general input to a question rather than a specific ...
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