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What should our FAQ contain?

Since this is one of the 7 Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta... What should go in our FAQ? Most of the FAQ is boilerplate, but we need to determine the on-topic and off-topic subjects that go ...
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How to move game-development tagged questions from Stack Overflow to here?

There are currently 1,475 questions tagged game-development on Stack Overflow. These would all be great seed material for this new Game Development site. Would it be a good idea for a moderator to ...
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The 2013 GDSE Winter Refactor

It is the holidays! A time of gifts, food, drink and festival (and hats, if you are into that sort of thing). Now, we don't have any of those for you (except the hats), but we do have over a ...
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The 2014 GDSE Winter Refactor

It's everybody's favorite time of year again. The celebration of hats, of course! Last year, we organized a community "refactoring" event aimed at bringing some much-needed attention to the old, ...
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How do you decide when to post here vs. on SO?

I just cross-posted a question and feel slightly dirty. It seems to me that almost any question here could also be posted there. The community there is so much bigger, unless the question is REALLY ...
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Is it "better" to post here or at "Unity Answers" questions about Unity?

Unity has a dedicated Q&A site, and I'm wondering if it is better to ask a question here or there, with "better" meaning more or less "I'll have higher chances of getting quality answers, faster". ...
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Why this question was migrated to Stack Overflow?

Even if this question seems like a general object oriented or code design question, I still find it relevant to game development, my point is if a question is about code design of a game engine, doesn'...
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General programming questions are not a good fit for gamedev

Programming questions about game-related engines/frameworks/library API are welcome. Another reason to ask here is when one thinks that a professional game developer would give a better/different/more ...
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Is it OK to ask questions towards developing non-game software?

I am sure this has been asked somewhere here in some form but I couldn't find it so sorry if mine is a duplicate. For part of the piece of software I need to construct some very game-like mechanisms (...
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What are reasons our community has found for closing questions?

Over the years, this community has decided what kind of questions should be on- or off-topic for the site. Some of these decisions have been integrated into the Help Center and into the Close/Flag ...
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Cross posting with Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I was recently sent to Algorithms for calculating vertex normals in 2D polygon via the newsletter, it seemed like an interesting problem so I took a shot at it and got an accepted answer. I later ...
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