Not sure if this is a bug, or just something I haven't noticed before, but I thought the set of links to questions under the "Visit Meta" sidebar on the main site always display new or most-recently updated questions from the site meta.

But when I've glanced at it today, I noticed that it was linking to questions that seemed old. So I checked, and sure enough, the questions currently displayed for me (1, 2, 3 and 4) don't appear to have any recent activity that I can see.

Is this expected behavior, perhaps because there just isn't much meta discussion so the algorithm for picking these featured questions eventually selects older ones? Or is this a bug?


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We changed the meta house ad so it displays a larger, more interesting variety of posts from meta on the main site -- it fills in this order

  1. anything that has a on it

  2. "current events" from the weekly meta hot tab

  3. beyond that, pick at random from the 50 most recent non-negatively scored meta questions

I felt the meta house ads were getting stale and repetitive as they were...


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