Is this question "too broad" or otherwise not a good fit for the site?

If I start a new Android mini game project today, is it a good idea to use (and learn) Kotlin if I already know Java and I already have quite a lot of Android boilerplate re-usable game code in Java?

I had a new idea and we have now decided for a name of the game. It will be a small aircraft which the player will maneuver in 2D and side-scrolling. To begin with I want to create it for Android. I am considering doing it in Kotlin because that it the new preferred language for Android, or maybe Unity engine.

(React-native or Flutter are not good choices for game development if I understand correctly.)


Thanks for asking here!

It is off-topic, "what technology to use", as described in the help.

Sorry for the brevity, I'm on my phone.


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