It's been around for a while: Boo and UnityScript have been removed from Unity.

Now, the obvious is that issues with Unity will be tackled in c#. Also, the new Unity users may even not be aware that there was something other than c# in the past.

Given the fact that the system seems to properly highlight c# code even without the tag, is there still a need to tag the questions that are tagged with with too?

If not, do we need to do an edit just to remove the tag or should it be done if there is something else to edit, or do we care at all?

Of course, I'm not talking about questions that are specific about c# within the context of Unity.


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I'd follow this rule:

  • If the question contains C# code, tag it C#

  • If the question lacks code, but asks about scripting a feature in (a recent or unspecified version of) Unity, tag it C#

  • If the question asks about solving non-scripting problems in Unity (eg scene setup, asset management), do not tag it C#

In the first two points, even if the C# language can be inferred without the tag, I think it's beneficial to include for two reasons:

  • Many Unity scripting questions do not require Unity-specific expertise to solve, so anyone following the C# tag may have relevant experience to offer in answers/edits/comments/votes/flags

  • Many C# game programming questions come up in the context of Unity, so it's useful if a user searching for C# Q&A also finds Unity C# results included


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