Take a look at the following two screenshots. They are our close dialog and our flag dialog.

I have selected an option, and the button is enabled and I can click it to submit my close vote or my flag.

The button looks disabled though. It's greyed out. It looks like I haven't done something right, or like I can't actually close or flag this question.

It used to be orange or blue or something other than this.

close dialog: greyed out close button flag dialog: greyed out flag button

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    All submit buttons are like this, including the "Search", "Post Your Answer", "Post Your Question" and "Save Edits" ones, and those that only mods can see. – Alexandre Vaillancourt Sep 6 at 15:11
  • By upvoting this question, does it mean that "I agree with this bug" and so it should be left in? – Alexandre Vaillancourt Sep 6 at 16:05
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    Lol, I think it means "this is a useful bug report". – doppelgreener Sep 6 at 16:28
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    Might this have something to do with SE standardizing the themes? – Mast Sep 6 at 18:47
  • I've noticed the same issue recently on the 'Save Edits' button - I figured maybe it was just bad for those of us with color blindness issues. – Pikalek Sep 6 at 22:49

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