Not sure if this question is really relevant to this page since it doesn't really have anything to do with game development but I thought that at least the administrators of this page should know and see if they could help me. I can't talk to the administrators directly because for some reason you have to have reputation to comment on YOUR own questions. Whenever I go to the sign in page I enter my email and password and press sign in. It takes me back to the homepage still not signed in. I know I'm not entering my password wrong because it tells me when I do. The administrators were asking me why I keep using different accounts, this is why. I can't use the account I created. If anyone knows why this is let me know

  • \$\begingroup\$ Hi @RedDragon2001, next time try using the Contact Form (gamedev.stackexchange.com/contact) for technical help with the Stack Exchange network \$\endgroup\$
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sorry you're having trouble with this login system.

Ordinarily you can comment on your own questions regardless of reputation. But because you're signing in with a new account every time, the system doesn't know you're the same person, so it's unable to give you that privilege.

StackExchange has a special feature called "unregistered accounts," designed to make it easier for people to contribute without making a big commitment to site membership. A user can sign in with just a name and an email address, without authenticating with a password. Instead, it uses cookies to associate your browser with this temporary account. If you decide you want to stick around long-term, you can register your account, providing a password that will let you sign into the same ID from anywhere.

Every post I've seen with your name so far has been from a different unregistered account. If you're hopping around between browsers / devices, using internet cafes, or private browsing features, that might be the reason: your cookies aren't able to follow you from one session to the next, so the system is unable to verify that you're the same user.

You can solve this by registering your current account and providing a password, then following the steps here to request merging it with your previous accounts. Then you can authenticate yourself using your login & password to sign into the same account even without the cookie.


Your question was migrated here to meta because it was about the game dev stack exchange site rather than game development itself.

Each stack exchange site has a meta site. You can learn more about what meta is & how it works here; a summarized version is:

  • It's a place for Stack Exchange users to communicate with the Stack Exchange company & each other about the Stack Exchange sites.
  • It functions a bit differently in terms of tags & voting.

If you have other questions about the site or questions about questions ('why is this question considered off topic', etc), this is probably the place the ask them.


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