Recently, I noticed the tag applied to a question. I was surprised to discover that other questions have this tag applied, because it seems like a meta-tag.

The handful of questions in the tag interpret it rather loosely. Should we clarify/synonymize or delete this tag (and related tags like , which don't yet exist but could easily be pre-emptively captured in this discussion)?

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I don't see that this tag adds any value as-is; I am personally in favor of adding it to the blacklist.

I can't see a useful path towards clarifying it. The obvious attempt, "game-concepts," seems like just another way to say except that it invites opinion-based questions like "here's my game concept, what do you think?" which aren't on-topic here.

The tag is often used in a way that seems to simply categorize the question, as in "I don't actually have this problem, I'm just thinking about the problem conceptually." It's not useful in that context.

Consequently, I think it should be removed.

  • I was thinking of posting the same. The most constructive uses of it seem to be "please explain this concept" which could as easily be "please explain this term" under the terminology tag. I don't think conceptual adds anything beyond what our other tags cover. – DMGregory May 1 at 2:15
  • Failing any real opposition and having at least some moderate support, I'm going to start removing these today. – Josh May 4 at 15:37
  • 1
    ...and it is done. – Josh May 4 at 15:45

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