I was following up on an earlier thread, removing & replacing the tag on questions, when I came across a question about "updating" positions of players to one another in an MMO.

"That's replication" I thought, so I tried replacing it with a tag, discovering to my surprise that we didn't already have one, so a new tag was created.

After giving the new tag a quick description:

Replication is the process of synchronizing game state across multiple devices, so actions that one player takes in a multiplayer game are accurately presented to all other players. Replication includes strategies to minimize and hide communication latency and resolve outcomes where multiple players interact, such as shooting or attempting to move into the same location.

...I found the tag, which covers the same topic:

A process of maintaining similar game state across players and/or servers, thus giving all players same info about current sutuation on playfield.

I'm not able to turn my accidentally-created into a synonym of since I don't have any rep with that tag.

What's the recommended solution for me to fix my redundant tag? Should I just wait for it to age out of the system with 0 posts, or mark its description to point users at the correct synchronization tag instead, or something else?


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From what I understand, tags with 0 question and that don't have synonym will be deleted after one day.

I guess asking your question here can be interpreted as "should we make it as a synonym?". I'd say "yes", if a mod spots this question before the tag dies on its own, it could make sense to add a synonym to make the first tag easier to spot.

I don't think modifying the description of synchronization is the right thing to do; a tag should stand on its own. The tag synonym infrastructure is there for that reason.


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