This is a very small bug, which might not even be worth fixing, but I thought I would throw it out there because it is a mistake. When I posted a question, I noticed in the 'viewed' section on the right side it used the plural of time, when it should have been singular. Screenshot posted below:

enter image description here

I know this is very minor, and I'm not sure if it is at all useful, but it seems very easy to fix, so I thought I would throw it out there. Thank you


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Yes, this is a bug. Yes, the involving parties are aware of it. However, it is a rather insignificant bug. As such, it is fairly low on the priority order.

That said, this is not a problem specific to Game Dev Stack Exchange; While it may seem easy to fix, all you can do is raise the concern. However, you would not raise the concern, here. You would raise it at the Stack Exchange meta, as it pertains to the general Stack Exchange collective.

You would also be sure to observe that such reports have already been made. Again, they are aware of it; but such fixes are low in priority. The accepted response was a quote from Jeff Atwood, and the report was marked as "complete".

Here is said quote:

Jeff Atwood writes, via Twitter, "Dear Next Person Who Opens a Pluralization 'Bug', I will personally come to your house and bludgeon you to death with a giant S", posted at 9:33 PM - 31 Jan 2009.


I think this covers it. I know it's a link-only answer, BUT it is to stack exchange. So if THAT link is dead...

What is the story of Jeff Atwood and the pluralization 'Bug'?


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