I'm posting this thread at the request of the asker of this question:


The asker cannot post this his- or her-self due to the pointless and new-user-hostile reputation limits on participating in meta.

What can be done to salvage this question and make it on-topic and appropriate for this site?


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I think the below, while not doing the best at capturing the original intent, would change the question into something generally useful.

What capabilities do more standard views typically used in game development (SurfaceView or TextureView) provide beyond the WebView? And is it worth incorporating these more complicated views into a game that is only as complicated as the example game?

Part 1 can be answered based on technical knowledge and part 2 is good subjective in my opinion due to the below bullet points being hit.

  • Great subjective questions invite sharing experiences over opinions.
  • Great subjective questions insist that opinion be backed up with facts and references.
  • Great subjective questions are more than just mindless social fun.

I don't believe the engine part can incorporated without making the question too broad in scope or opinion based.


As written, this question is off-topic because it asks "what would you recommend" of three possible technologies, which categorizes it as a "which technology" question.

I do think there's some potential to the topic, but I'm struggling to see how to phrase it. The (good) bit of the question is the part about using a WebView (or not) for the display of the game. "Should I use a WebView?" is basically a yes-or-no question (the answer to which is, "it depends -- if it works perfectly for you, keep doing it").

Edited to be a question about a specific problem the asker encountered with a WebView (beyond it "being strange") and asking how to overcome that would fit, I think, but there's no evidence in the original post that there is anything "wrong" with the asker's game or it's performance at all.

I think the query about switching to a game engine, and the two bulleted queries about "what would you recommend" need to get edited about. But beyond that I don't know how to reshape the question to be useful to the OP and still fit.

I do see one possibility, though, but it's a massive edit that more-or-less discards the "view" aspects of the question entirely. The asker's problem seems be to centered around the "design paralysis" issue of being halfway through a functional implementation and encountering doubts about the accepted correctness of his or her approach. I can see a case being made for transforming this question into the softer, but possibly good-subjective query "Should I start over halfway through a working game if I'm not doing something 'correctly?'" leaving the original WebView example can be left in as a motivating example.


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